Queens of Hockey

In honor of the heroics put forth by the Canadian Women's Hockey Team at the Sochi Olympics

Queens of Hockey
© 2014 by Dominic Spano

Each held her head high, buoyed by the cheering,
Our Gold Medal Queens skated loose and free–wheeling
In a village near Sochi, in 2014,
A star–laden team, coached by Kevin Dineen.
The Canuck Queens of Hockey toujours stand alone,
Their scepter's a stick, a podium their throne,
They rule every rink and banish each foe
To the rank of a jester juggling woe upon woe.

Each rival from Europe fell aghast in their dust,
The Canuck hockey mantra is 'Gold Medal or Bust'.
They dismantled each squad and diminished its ranks
On the way to the final showdown with the Yanks,
Who awaited, elated, unabashed, unabated,
The top–seeded team with whom they'd created,
A Gold Medal rivalry like none that we've seen,
Of Olympic proportions in 2014.

Up front we were led by a Hayley or two,
With Agosta and Spooner, Paulin et Daoust
And the rest of the cast that made us so proud,
Each face shall forever stand out from the crowd.
To our American sisters we say 'no offence',
But our gals from the North have offensive defence.
Be it Shannon and Jocelyne or Ward and Charline,
Or Laura and Meaghan, Rougeau et Caroline.

The Yanks drew first blood and our gals kept their cool,
The Canuck brand of hockey boasts one basic rule:
'Patience and discipline' is our M.O.
And sooner or later we'll bask in the glow
Of a victory hard–earned and hence well deserved,
Snatched from the grasp of the foes we've unnerved.
Our girls neither wavered nor harbored a doubt,
They can win from behind as well as to rout;
To be down by a goal or even by two,
Was mere motivation to chase and pursue;
And to pull out a victory from the jaws of defeat,
Turned a heck of a game into edge–of–your–seat.

Each gal on our team knew a victory would mean
The path to her future, not where she has been;
The torch could be passed, she'd become the new face
Of the future of hockey, with aplomb and with grace,
And realize the dream of the girl deep within her,
The child who at times may have felt mediocre
Grew into a leader—a symbol of hope,
A mentor revered to kids on the ropes.

The face of the clock read 3:26;
Down by two goals, they wielded their sticks
And shattered the party planned south of the border,
'Cause our girls came back, per the natural order
Of everything hockey, both here and hereafter,
And the cheering was thunderous, it shook every rafter
In Canadian cities across this great land
When our girls dug deep and flaunted their brand
Of hockey that's tough, of hockey that's clean
That's ninety parts grit and ten percent mean,
That's made up of heart, the world has not seen
And won't see again until 2018.

'Fore the girls from the South knew just what had hit them,
Our side tied it up, elles l'ont fait elles–mêmes,
And silenced the doubters, not a hem, not a haw,
Just the red Maple Leaf screaming 'J'y crois! J'y crois!'
With the game neck–and–neck, all even at two,
The next goal would win it, take the gold medal too,
And with it the rights to boast and to brag,
To claim number one and to wave the proud flag.

When the ref dropped the puck to start period four,
'Twas clear the momentum had shifted some more
And the girls in red seem to have shut the door,
When at eight minutes ten they triggered a roar
From Canucks young and old who could shout, scream or yell,
Who unleashed all their passion like mad hounds from hell;
And the noise and the clamor just would not subside,
'Cause our girls pulled it off once again for our side.

Stealing that win cemented their legacy,
A Canuck on the ice will never show clemency
To rivals who challenge for hockey supremacy,
And anything less will be looked on as heresy.
To be number two sure can't be much fun,
Although silver medals are better than none,
Our great comeback win put the Yanks on the run
And earned us the right to chant 'we're number one'.

In 2018, the die, it is cast,
The Yanks seek redemption, a victory at last;
But our next Queens of Hockey come from the same mold,
And refuse to relinquish their hold on the gold.
So as Hayley gives way to the next generation,
Her mark will live on in the pride of this nation.
Our history is storied, our belly is deep,
And the fire within it refuses to sleep.
Their scepter's a stick, the podium their throne
Canuck Queens of Hockey will forever stand alone.




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